About Tong Sing

Tong Sing Pty Ltd is one of the oldest continually operating privately owned businesses in Far North Queensland. It was established in 1927 when Frederick Lew Ah Tong purchased Tong Sing Pty Ltd from the previous owners, Low Jip and Quay Sun and began to deal in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Exporter of Australia’s finest quality fruit and vegetables

Tong Sing is a major exporter of Australian fresh fruit and vegetables. Tong Sing Pty Ltd has exported to markets across the world, from the first Lychees from Far North Queensland to London, to the first R2E2 mangoes into China, we have the knowledge to ensure that products that are shipped to your required destination will meet your expectations..

Container Loaded for Freeport Mine

Australia grows a wide range of produce. All states and territories across Australia produce fruit and vegetables, and Australia’s many geographical regions and climates, ranging from tropical in the North to temperate and cool in the South.

Large scale production is irrigated by Australia’s extensive river systems. Other significant production areas utilise ground water and abundant rainfall. Most vegetables and a great variety of fruits are available throughout the year.

Being in the Southern Hemisphere offers seasonal advantages with regards to supplying countries opposite to the Northern Hemisphere supply times.

We provide premium fresh produce to the Pacific, South East Asia, North Asia, the Middle East and other destinations across the globe.

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